Use AJAX technology to add web polls to any web site with cross domain scripting capability

SelectSurvey.NET Add-on


Poll Add-On

SelectPoll™ utilizes Ajax technology to instantly show poll results in any web site or html page. Ajax technology gets the results and displays them dynamically with no page refresh and no page reload or page scroll. SelectPoll™ can be installed on one server and used for polls on many domains and URLs because it utilizes cross domain scripting technology. One install and you can create polls for all your sites, all advertising, marketing and online pages. The cross domain capability in SelectPoll™ is unique among Polling applications since it works in virtually every environmnet. You can select from multiple question types and also product ratings are available.

Popular Features

  • Create instant web poll in 5 minutes!
  • Promote your products/services
  • Displays instant results
  • Ajax technology (no page reload!)
  • PDA and web templates (customizable)
  • Results analysis and management interface