High capacity email engine processing

SelectSurvey.NET Add-on


Email Engine

ResponseLogic™ is 100% integrated with SelectSurvey.NET (versions 4.5 or greater). Without this add-on, SelectSurvey uses local SMTP to send emails one at a time when you click the send button. With ResponseLogic™, emails are immediately sent to a email service queue, where they are processed in the background so you don't have to wait. This is necessary for any high volume email sending to email lists. Without this add-on email sending is limited to the processing and capability of your web server or hosting account webmail. The ResponseLogic™ email engine add-on allows high capacity sending and also adds many more email tracking and enhanced feedback such as bounces, reads, and other email statuses into the interface of SelectSurvey.NET.

Popular Features

  • Integrated with SelectSurvey.NET
  • Commercial Grade Email Engine
  • Extensive Tracking and Reporting
  • Campaign / Project Segmentation
  • High Volume Email Sending Capacity
  • Background Service Processing