SelectSurvey News and Updates Channel Latest news and updates related to SelectSurvey.NET and SelectSurveyASP. 7/26/2016 5:05:03 AM 7/26/2016 5:05:03 AM SelectSurvey.NET SelectSurvey Important Updatev4.154.008: 1) Fix for approve/reject response not updating database 2) Added batch response delete to admin tools 3) Fix for space in MatrixTextDropdown filename 4) Fix for space in MatrixTextDynamicRow filename 5) Fix for error on modify survey page if database filter dropdown typed in webservice or query is invalid. 6) Fix for indented text prepopulated in comments box on import email list page 7) Fix for alignment of text in follow up email comments box 8) Fix to show survey title in user workspace (this build requires .net 4.5 framework) SelectSurvey.NET Current Version 4.154.007 Released on 7/17/2016 SelectSurvey.NET BETA Version 4.154.007 Released on 7/24/2016 SelectSurveyASP Current Version 8.6.6 Released on 1/8/2011 ResponseLogic(TM) Introducing ResponseLogic(TM) offering high capacity email engine processing, 100% integrated with SelectSurvey.NET. Current Version is, released on 7/6/2014 ActiveLogic(TM) Introducing ActiveLogic(TM) offering multiple custom survey completion logic workflows, custom completion pages, custom email templates integrated with SelectSurvey.NET. Current Version is 1.0.0, released on 9/10/2009