The Next Generation of Survey Software
The Next Generation of Survey Software

SelectSurvey.NET survey software offers a host of great features, the benefits and power of .NET technology, and full customization.

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ActiveLogic<small>™</small> 100% Customizable Dynamic Logic
ActiveLogic 100% Customizable Dynamic Logic

ActiveLogic adds the capability of customizing dynamic behavior to the completion logic of any survey.

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Our software has been used extensively by corporations, universities, organziations, and individuals all over the world. Below is a small sampling of the many customers who have benefited from using our software.

Visa    Microsoft    Johnson and Johnson    Hewlett Packard More

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Outstanding support is the foundation of our company. In fact, we dedicate more than half our resources to support, and we make support a priority over all other work.

Our support hours are Monday - Friday, 9:00 - 5:00 CST. Get Support


ClassApps is a private American company owned by Atomic Design, LLC, founded in 1998 by Sheryl Briggs, with offices located in Kansas City, Missouri.

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Managed Hosting

Managed Hosting

We offer managed hosting service as well as server software to install on your own server. Software is always on latest version, database backups available. No contracts! Affordable and easy!
New Products

New Products

Current customers login for discounts to upgrade or purchase add-ons. Translate into 164 languages!
Admin Tools contain CMS to customize/edit all text in the application.
Take A Tour

Take a Tour

View many of the great features that make our software such a great value! Email sales for a live demo or call 800-774-4876.